In May 2021 Penny Ellenger, Queensland Private Enterprise Centre (QPEC) Executive Committee member, caught up with Jennelyn Hargreaves, Segment Manager for Young Chartered Accountants and Provisional Members, representing Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CA ANZ), who have been a long-term supporter of the ECOMAN program, through their provision of venue support for the delivery of programs. CA ANZ have supported the program with venue space since 2009.

“The ECOMAN Program participants represent the huge potential that exists for Queensland’s high school students to become the future leaders and decision-makers of business and enterprise in Queensland,” commented Jenn. “For CA ANZ, this is a great connection for us to engage with promising students who might be interested in a career in business. It’s also incredibly heartening to see these talented individuals work through a fantastic program which opens their eyes to the kinds of real-world decisions enterprises face every day.”

“We are honoured to be able to support the QPEC/ECOMAN endeavour in this way, as it is in perfect alignment with our focus on supporting the Difference Makers of tomorrow”.

In 2021, CA ANZ will be hosting the majority of ECOMAN programs in their office in Brisbane’s CBD, a beautiful venue that is deep in the heart of the city’s bustling business district – a location where any high school student will find it easy to connect with the buzz and beating heart of enterprise in Queensland. This is an enormous commitment of support by CA ANZ, and a gesture that is greatly appreciated by the QPEC Executive Committee, and also by all the schools involved.